Corporate Packages

Corporate Packages at Steel City Indoor Karting

Let Steel City Indoor Karting host your next team building, off-site meeting or celebration event.  With over 3,500 sq. /ft. of conference room space and more than 8,000 sq. /ft. of concourse space, we are more than equipped to handle large groups.  Our events can be as small as a single race for each team member or as large as full facility rental with a championship bracket format leading to awarding the top finishers with a 1st place trophy and 2nd and 3rd place medals!  

Race Structures

Individual Competition
This race structure is configured to yield a single individual winner.  Everyone will receive two to more races; one as a practice and the second (and any additional) as their “qualifying” race.  The top 16 people from the qualifying race make it to the semi-finals.  The semi-finalists then raced again with the top 8 times making it to the Championship round.   (The Semi-Final round can be skipped and just have the Championship round) 

Group Competition

This race structure is configured to yield a winning team and is usually done with larger groups.  Prior to race day, you will define the teams.  The number of teams and the number of racers per team is up to you.  Each racer will get 2 or more races.  The first race is the practice round.  The all additional races will be their “qualifying” rounds were their best lap time from each will be captured.  We will then take all of the best lap times (from each qualifying race) for each team member, add them together and then divide by the total number of races to come up with the “average” fastest lap time per team.  This will then enable us to determine how the teams place. 

Fun Race

This race structure is configured to just let the people have fun racing.  Everyone will receive the same number of races.   They will be able to compare their performance amongst themselves, but there will be no calculated overall winner or awards.

Conference Rooms

We have three separate conference rooms that are each roughly 1,000sqft in size that can be used for meetings and a place to eat if you choose to bring in catering.  Each is equipped with 2 wall-mounted 3’x5’ white board and a 75” LED TV that can be used to project presentations from laptops via an HDMI cable.  Other available amenities include easel with 2’x3’ paper note pads, PA system and beverage cooler.  Seating can be configured in a multitude of ways including classroom, square, horseshoe and cafeteria styles.

Outside catering is welcome, but we do have a no-alcohol policy.  Please give us a call to discuss your needs with our team to see what type of formats will work with your group.  We are available to open outside of our normal operation hours to support your event.

Set up your next meeting or corporate event in style!

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