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Our Karts

When we were deciding on what karts should be showcased at Steel City Indoor Karting, we focused on safety, ergonomics, power, control and environmental impact.  

After careful review, we decided to go with the most advanced electronic kart available in the industry, the Sodi RTX.  Utilizing a 20hp ENGEC electric motor (most gas karts use 5 or 9 hp engines) with all torque available immediately, the Sodi RTX will out accelerate any gas kart.  

With zero emissions, no impact will be made to the environment, and you won’t leave smelling like exhaust, gas or motor oil.



We have spared no expense to ensure our karts are equipped with the best safety equipment available.  

  • All karts are remotely controlled where they can be slowed down or even stopped, individually, in groups or all at one time. (Junior karts will be electronically limited to 20 mph).
  • Fitted with a full absorption system with "ProSlide" patented rails and a patented front bumper fitted with the HEAD System (High Energy Absorption Design), providing one of the most outstanding security and comfort systems available today.
  • Full body protection of the rotating and electrical parts to ensure clothing or hair cannot become tangled.
  • 4-point harness to keep you firmly in the driver seat.
  • LED brake lights, head lights and running lights.


To ensure maximum comfort and control, the driver can configure the ergonomics of the kart to their liking.

  • Adjustable steering
  • Adjustable pedals
  • 4-postion adjustable seat

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